Veggie Mijas Goes International: 

Introducing the Mumbai, India Chapter with Sonal Ved

By Alejandra Tolley

What started out just as a recipe instagram page in New York leading to different state chapters sprouting throughout the nation, we are so excited to announce that Veggie Mijas has planted a new seed in India! Meet our new chapter organizer of Mumbai, India, Sonal Ved.

Sonal is the author of Tiffin,  a New York Times accredited cookbook published in 2018. Tiffin features a collection of 500 Indian recipes, including several vegetarian ones, magnifying the flavor and richness of different cuisines across India.

Not only is Sonal an accomplished author, but she is also the food editor at Vogue India, Content Director of Tastemade’s India Chapter, and at India’s Food Network. Now she is the lead organizer of the first international chapter of Veggie Mijas in Mumbai, India. Sonal lives a predominantly plant-based lifestyle. She is planning to influence our new chapter to think, eat and discuss the positive outcomes of veganism. You can expect picnics, pop-ups, and meet n greets organized by Sonal. 

She shared a sneak peek of her opening event, stating, “My opening event is an invite to any woman of colour who either champions veganism or is experimenting with this way of life. The more I understand food, the more I am convinced that choosing vegetarianism and veganism are choices that are not just good for physical wellness, but also positively impact the environment. The dietary preference will eventually lead us to a world where resources, clean and healthy food may see better access and will not just be the domain of an elite few, especially in a country like India. We open with a talk on the global goals of Veggie Mijas followed by a vegan lunch on a sunny morning in Mumbai.”

With her brilliant skills in networking and planning, we know this new chapter will flourish. We can’t wait to see the events she comes up with and what ideas will bloom in this new Veggie Mijas community. 

“Veganism is intrinsic to many parts of Indian cuisine. Animals or any life form are worshipped. And it is one of the oldest vegetarian civilisations in the world. The Indian subcontinent is where the whole wave of vegetarianism started with the birth of Jainism, a religion that forbids meat consumption. It is only organic to bring the focus back on where it all started and explore reasons as to why cultural history prescribed this as a way of life and how we can benefit, or learn from it.


If you would like to join or start your own Veggie Mijas chapter in our international collective, you can fill out the form on our  Join The Collective page and reach out to with any questions!

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