Veggie Mijas Vegan & BIPOC-Owned Gift Guide

Written by Alejandra Tolley

For the Self-Care Vegan: 

  • CheekBone Beauty @cheekbonebeauty: Indigenous Owned Beauty Brand 
  • Amber Soaps Bar @ambersoapbar: Black-Owned Skincare Brand including soaps, body washes, and scrubs
  • Briogeo Haircare @briogeo: Black-Owned Natural and Clean Haircare using gentle ingredients   
  • Brujita Skincare @brujitaskincare: Latinx Owned Skincare & Bodycare Brand 
  • Glow Recipe @glowrecipe: Korean Owned Skincare brand focusing on fruit-forward ingredients   
  • Nopalera Mexican Owned Botanicals for the body 
  • Lilasuds @lilasudssoaps: Puerto Rican Owned Bodycare brand including handcrafted artisan soaps (they also have holiday sets!) 
  • Bison Star Naturals @bisonstar: Indigenous Owned Bodycare Brand using herb-infused products   

For the Outdoorsy Vegan: 

  • Native Outdoors @nativeoutdoors: Native Owned Athletic Wear Brand 
  • WhitePaws RunMitts @whitepaws_runmitts: Black-Owned Mitten brand made for harsh winters! 
  • Gardening Consultation with Cindy Villaseñor @cerowastecindy 
  • Comfortable Adventures @comfortable_adventures: Korean Owned Athletic Wear for climbers! 
  • Take a friend on a hike with @hikeclerb! An intersectional women’s hiking group 
  • Slimpickins Outfitters @spoutfitter: Black-owned outdoor Shop based in Stephenville, TX 
  • Natty Garden @nattygarden: Black-owned plant shop based in Brooklyn, NY 
  • Plantiitas @plantiitas: Queer, Latinx owned plant shop based in Long Beach, CA 

For the Vegan Foodie: 

  • Todo Verde’s @todoverde new seasonings line that includes carnitas, tinga, and al pastor! 
  • Provecho cookbook by Edgar Castrejón @edgarraw 
  • Maya’s Cookies @mayascookiessandiego: Black-owned vegan cookie shop that ships nationwide! 
  • Calavera Press sells beautiful serape aprons for cooking, visit their Etsy shop to view them!
  • Plant-based cooking class with Destiny @eatyodestiny
  • Level Up Your Leftovers cookbook by Lauren Toyota @hotforfood
  • Southern Roots Vegan Bakery @southernrootsbiz: Black-Owned vegan bakery that ships nationwide! 
  • The Vegan Meat Cookbook by Miyoko Shinner @miyokoshinner: A great option for someone new to veganism 
  • Gift a warm cooked meal prepared by @thesalvivegan 
  • One Pot: 3 Ways cookbook by Rachel Alma @rachelalma_: Plant-based cookbook created for the time-saving vegan! 

For the Sustainable Vegan: 

  • Aya Paper Co. - Black-owned sustainable stationery + gifts! 
  • Lolly Lolly Ceramics @lollylollyceramics - Black-Owned handcrafted ceramics 
  • Born Indigo @bornindigofragrance - Eco-friendly, non-toxic candles 
  • Clean Cult @cleancult - Puerto Rican operated cleaning line using natural & plant-based formulas 
  • Cermonia @cermoniashop - Latina owned home decor brand 
  • Daria Day Jewelry @dariadayjewelry - Ethically handcrafted jewelry   
  • Gopi Shah Ceramics @gopishaceramics - Woman-owned & handmade ceramic shop based in Long Beach, CA
  • Arlokea Jewelry @arlokea - Eco-conscious, fair-trade jewelry line  
  • Consumed by Aja Barber @ajabarber  - A powerful read on learning the importance of lowering your consumerism 
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