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By Alexandra Weiss, Photography by Jeenah Moon

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MTV News

The Fight Against Climate Change Needs to Address Environmental Racism

An amazing piece written by Sara Radin, included an interview from our Boston Chapter Organizer Brandie Alexander.

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VICE - Tonic

14 Wellness Influencers Making the Industry More Inclusive

Veggie Mijas was featured as the first influencer in an article written by Spenser Mestel.

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Mercy for Animals

Interviewed by Stephanie, Mercy for Animals

Melina Cruz, LA Chapter Organizer got interviewed by Stephanie from Mercy for Animals. Melina gave out ten tips on how to build your vegan community or find a vegan community, while also having a dialogue about how is it living in a home where your family is not vegan or vegetarian.

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Self Magazine

Self Magazine: 10 Vegans of Color on What Being Vegan Means to Them

Amy Quichiz, founder of Veggie Mijas wrote an article called 10 Vegans of Color on What Being Vegan Means to Them, including ten Veggie Mijxs speaking about what veganism means to them and why it is important. This article also includes why being plant-based is important in general, specifically how the system of animal products affects people of color. 

Published Date: January 6, 2019

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Bon Appetit: Healthyish

Bon Appetit: Amy Quichiz Makes Her Bedroom Into a a Dance Floor Before Going to Sleep

Amy Quichiz being interviewed on what Veggie Mijas' mission is, how she got started, and what she does to practice self-care after a long day of work; this includes products she uses, what she eats, what she listens to, and all of her favorite routines to do before going to bed. 

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i-D: Veggie Mijas is the WOC Collective Decolonizing Your Diet

Amy Quichiz interviewed by i-D to ask her about her vegan journey, how Veggie Mijas was created, and what is the future like for this Women of Color Collective. This article also mentions the zine launching December 8th and the Friendsgiving Potluck (Nov. 24 2018). 

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Mujeristas Collective

Mujeristas Collective Interview on Veggie Mijas

Mujeristas Collective is a NYC based collective in which provides an educational and creative platform for the voices of mujeres/muxeres. The Videography and Interview was done by Stephanie Aliaga, a Colombian and Peruvian writer. Stephanie attended the Potluck that was done in a collaboration with Safeword Society on July 1st at Fort Greene Park, BK. In this interview, one can find information about Amy Quichiz's vegan journey, what social justice means to her, and the veggie mijas' mission. 

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VegNews: Women of Color are the future of Vegan Instagram

Launched in 2000, VegNews is the largest vegan media brand in the world. Reaching more than 2.5 million people each month across its print, digital, and social platforms, VegNews is beloved by readers and has won nearly every major award in the industry. On August 17th, Sarah McLaughin, featured 15 accounts that were considered the one-stop resource where women can feel inspired and motivated to start their vegan process. "these exceptional women are using their voices and Instagram platforms to advocate for veganism through a variety of approaches: organizing community-building events, hosting thought-provoking podcasts, developing innovative recipes, and creating much-needed change in the meat-heavy, healthcare industrial complex." Co-Founder, Amy Quichiz, was featured in this article as well as Ruby Ortega, Organizer of the Orange County Chapter of Veggie Mijas

VegNews: Hit List

Veggie Mijas featured on the VegNews, out until October 2018, Hit's List. "The Women of Color collective Veggie Mijas is killing it right now. The queer-run, Bronx-based platform organizes vegan potlucks, spotlights different activistas de la tierra, and shares veganized recipes like Gansitos, Lomo Saltado, and Ceviche, all to reconnect the ties between communities of color and a vegan diet." - Richard Bowie, Associate Editor.

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Edible Bronx

Edible Bronx: Next Stop Vegan Article, written by Alexis Montoya, Photography by Ev Martinez

Alexis Montoya, Veggie Mijas Organizer and Food Blogger, wrote an amazing article based on Blenlly, owner of Next Stop Vegan, and the story of how this all came to be. This article was featured on Edible Bronx, a Bronx newspaper; print and digitally. 

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BronxNet News

BronxNet: Chickpea Smash with Veggie Mijas

Organizers and Food Community Educators, Ashlee Dume and Analisa Freitas were invited to show a demonstration of a Vegan Chickpea Smash dish and talk about Veggie Mijas, its mission, the food industrial system, and future events at BronxNet, a local Bronx news television show. Veggie Mijas had the pleasure of being interviewed by BronxNets Host, Rhina Valen, and be featured on air Friday, August 24th. 

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Safeword Society

SafeWord Society Picnic

#SafeWordSociety and Veggie Mijas joined forces on Sunday, July 1st, to create a beautiful space for sharing plant-based food and authentic conversation using our #VisibilityPacks! We had such a great time, the fellowship was REAL and necessary. 

Video created by: Doreen Pierre (@dapperpenniless)

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Feast Media

Feast: A Recap of Vegan Panel, Network & Chill by Alexis Montoya

Alexis Montoya, Organizer and Food Creative Blogger, wrote a piece on Veggie Mijas' Vegan Panel: Network and Chill that took place on August 25th at V-Spot Restaurant. This piece was featured on Feast, where Alexis highlighted the organizers that were in the panel, the resources that we shared, and the importance of veganism/plant-based lifestyle always needing it to be seen through an intersectional lens. This article mentions the journeys of each organizer, how the conversation shifted to how being a person of color impacts their veganism, advice to folks transitioning, and more.

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Fierce, We Are Mitú

Fierce by Mitú: Latino Foods that can Help you Decolonize your Diet

Fierce by Mitú is a platform that amplifies the voices and stories of fierce Latina all over the world such as Los Angeles, CA Miami, FL New York, NY Chicago, IL and Bogotá, Colombia. Stephanie Ginese, Mitú Writer, featured an article with 10 Latinx/Afro-Latinx women that are changing the vegan revolution. In this article Co-Founders Amy Quichiz and Mariah Bermeo and Organizer Alexis Montoya was featured as the Veggie Vigilantes that folks should consider following if they want to keep colonization out of their kitchen. Stephanie described us as, "this is the girl gang you want to be a part of."

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The New York Times Student Institute

The New York Times Institute: A Vegan and a Street Artist Seek to Empower Women of Color

Victoria Leandra Hernández, Former Writer of The Student Journalism Institute of The New York Times, wrote an article on Co-Founder Amy Quichiz and her partner, Johanna Toruño, and how both of their work is leading a new form of activism in New York City aimed at empowering women of color, "by any means necessary" as Johanna says. This article highlights how important it is for Amy, that people learn how to revolutionize their dining tables by going back to their ancestor's roots of having a plant-based diet. “Veggie Mijas is important because there needed to be a space for folks of color to get together and talk about something that wasn’t introduced to our families in the first place, that we don’t have much information on, or it’s not accessible to us because we don’t have restaurants around us.” Lastly, this article bring to light of two Latinas having a common goal: empowering women of color and providing space for them to acknowledge that we demand to be heard. 

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Society 6: Creating Communities with Writer and Educator Amy Quichiz

Society 6 caught up with Amy Quichiz, a writer, educator and the founder of Veggie Mijas, to find out about her experience growing up in Queens, New York, where she finds interiors inspiration, and why she decided to start a vegan collective for women of color.

Passerbuys: Meet Amy Quichiz

Being an activist does not stop at the end of the work day. For Amy Quichiz, self-preservation and activism is a part of her daily routine. As a health educator, she founded collective Veggie Mijas to spread the awareness of food justice and help people of color understand the benefits of veganism and vegetarianism. In this article, one can find more information on Food Justice and the Founding story of Veggie Mijas. 

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