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Veggie Mijas is a women of color / non-binary folks of color / femmes of color collective, in which we highlight the importance of having a plant-based lifestyle while also intersecting race, gender identity, class, and sexuality; being brown, Latinx, non-binary, women, queer, genderqueer, coming from a working class background, and having other marginalized identities. We are very passionate about spreading awareness of the lack of resources we have to healthier options in the hood, animal liberation, environmental justice. This is a platform where womxn/folks have shared their families recipes, their own recipes, and have talked about why being vegan has connected them to their ancestral roots.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create sacred spaces for folks where they can share their experiences with food or having a plant-based lifestyle through an intersectional lens. Veggie Mijas has a national collective list where folks can share their information, know about events happening in their city, and meet other vegan folks of color in their community. Therefore, our main focus is sharing space, relearning ancestral practices through foods, share our plant-based recipes, and provide access to information our community needs. This is done through organizing events such as potlucks, vegan panels, farm sanctuary trips, yoga sessions, learning how to plant herbs, and much more. Lastly, our goal is to show folks that decolonizing your lifestyle is possible. Cocinando Pa ' La (R)evolución. 

Chapters Mission

Orlando Chapter

We’re a womxn of color collective that focuses on veganism, decolonization, and environmental justice. We create a safe space to talk, share recipes & resources, figure out what we can do locally to help our community, and attend monthly meet-ups.

Chicago Chapter

Veggie Mijas Chicago chapter acknowledges the racial and socioeconomic segregation in our city and wants to ensure our focus and energy stays within our disenfranchised communities of color. The space we create collectively, will aim to center women, queer, non-binary folks, femmes of color, coming from the hood and other marginalized identities. Our space is for folks who are interested in plant-based living, regardless of their level of expertise, gender identity, class and sexuality. 

Los Angeles Chapter

Veggie Mijas LA Chapter aims to center womxn, non binary, femmes and trans folks of color. Focusing on environmentaljustice, social inequalities, and building solidarity for all. Centering food accessibility for lower income communities.We aim to share resources, opportunities and liberation beyond our kitchen.

Phoenix Chapter

Phoenix Veggie Mijxs is a collective working towards plant based food justice, education, and intersectional awareness in and around Arizona. We believe that food injustice comes from climate change, worker exploitation, food insecurity, classism, sexism, and racism. We will continue to fight for more access through education and awareness.

Dallas Chapter

Veggie Mijas Dallas is a nationwide collective centering women, non-binary folx and femmes of color that hosts vegan-friendly events in our community. We focus on food justice, bringing communities of color together and are passionate about environmental justice/making healthy food accessible.

Seattle Chapter

Veggie Mijas Seattle is a collective centering women, non-binary, queer, femmes and folxs of color that seeks to build unity through sharing knowledge, recipes, and resources, as well as holding monthly events. Through our collective power, we aim to highlight, support, uplift vegan businesses and communities of color in the Puget Sound area. We welcome and encourage people that strive to follow or learn about living a plant-based lifestyle. We are passionate about animal liberation, the intersectionality of food and environmental justice, labor rights, and focus on the fighting disparities experienced by people of color.

Austin Chapter

Veggie Mijxs Austin is a people of color collective that is committed to supporting and building community among plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian BIPOC in Austin in a shame-free and decolonizing framework. We host events, share recipes and ancestral knowledge, promote environmental and social justice, and create spaces for healing. Veggie Mijxs Austin centers and uplifts the leadership of queer and femme people and women of color.

Washington DC Chapter

Conscious collection of femme herbavores who advocate for food and environmental justice through our own unique experiences and collective genius. Striving to be a community of cultural connection.

Philadelphia Chapter

Veggie Mijas hopes to serve the Philadelphia region by creating a space built on solidarity and respect. Veggie Mijas is a collective run by women of color, focused on the communal healing of the global majority. Through the acknowledgment of our ancestral connection to the earth and the importance of a vegan/plant-based lifestyle, the recognition of the disparities impacting our communities, particularly their origin, and by demanding change through the decolonization of our diet, our mindset and our being, we will free ourselves from intergenerational patterns and reclaim our spaces.    

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