Veggie Mijas has a National Collective List where folks can provide their names, e-mails, and social media account (ethnicity and pronouns are optional). The purpose of the National Collective List is for folks to know upcoming events, receive newsletters, to have updates on new job positions related to Veganism, new opportunities to network, and also for folks to have the contact information (social media) of other vegetarians/plant-based/vegans of color in their community.

Please consider filling out the Interest form below to be added to the National Collective list!

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Ways to Get Involved:

  • Share your Recipe: In Veggie Mijas, we have a segment called Cocinando Con, meaning folks can prepare their favorite plant-based dish and share it with us via pictures, videos, recipes, instructions and more. This section will also be a way to share your social media handles, resources, and what being a vegan woman/non-binary identified person of color means to you.
  • Share your Routine: You can share what you are eating throughout the day, meals you prepare, or your daily routine. This can include your grocery shopping experience at the super market or any Farmer's Market, sharing what you eat for one to 4 meals, etc. This can either be done in "Story" style, making a video for IGTV, or making a Youtube video to be shared in the Veggie Mijas feed.
  • Compras Con: If you're someone that loves to go grocery shopping, have amazing reviews on it, then this is the segment for you. If you're someone that loves buying cruelty-free makeup, non-leather shopping, and have amazing tips on where to shop, what brands are really great, then this segment is also for you. This can be presented in a photo essay or video; including your bio.
  • Creatives: You can write poetry, stories, or create videos that are about food justice or anything related. Some examples would be sharing your impactful story, poetry of retracing back to ancestral roots, or creating a video of an event that you believe would be great to share.
  • Go Live: You can go live and cook a dish for folks on Instagram live. We will be making a flyer and making sure folks know what time and date you will be going live, and what you will be preparing.
  • Potluck: To create your own event under Veggie Mijxs, it can be under any city. This idea will be followed up with a phone conversation, an agenda, and further guidance from co-founder.
  • Become an Official Organizer: If you are passionate about organizing, you can become an official organizer in your city and not only create potlucks, but also a variety of events and become the go-to person for your own Chapter of Veggie Mijas.
  • Journalists: Veggie Mijas have two segments called "POC Negocios" and "Meet the Mijas". In Poc Negocios, we will be needing someone to interview people of color owned businesses in your city that can be an amazing story of how they started their business, their goals, and their overall mission. In Meet the Mijas, we will be needing someone to interview amazing vegan women of color that either have a passion for Veganism, animal liberation, environmental justice, vegan makeup, etc. to be highlighted. For this kind of involvement, there will be guidance from co-founder, to set up questions, talk about the process, make agendas, and have a photographer involved.
  • Enseñanzas con Mariah: Co-Founder Mariah will be having her own segment where she teaches a mini-lesson of a topic every Tuesday. Have an idea and some resources? Help Mariah out and let us know what you want to know about / want folks to know about!
  • Traveling Mijxs: If you're traveling somewhere and want to cover the vegan spots you go to, you can contact us and you can write a review, the places with the address, provide pictures and a bio. This can also include where you stayed if it was affordable for folks and anything else you think would make your piece amazing.
  • Photographers/Film-Makers: If you are passionate about photography/film making, we can have someone take pictures/make videos at events, interview sessions as mentioned above, etc.
  • Create your Own Segment: Just like "Everybody Eats" and "Fruitvale Food Diary" that highlight vegan options in their city, you too can have your own segment! Passionate about eating out? This is for you. You also do not have to do this alone. With guidance of co-founder, you can team up with someone and travel your city and eat vegan options together.
  • Didn't see anything you're interested in? Make your own! Email us your ideas, we cannot wait to hear them all.

Please contact us if any of these ideas interest you 

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