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Ingrid lives in Oakland & Priscilla lives in Sacramento whom both from California. They will be starting their own segment called, “Fruitvale Food Diary” where anyone can join and make their own diary entry with these two. Priscilla (she/her/hers) and Ingrid (they/them/theirs) connected through the Veggie Mijxs Collective List and made their own radical plant-based movement. In this segment, they will be having vegan snacks, lunch or dinner that is affordable and will be sharing with us their resources!


i'm ingrid. i use they/them/theirs/grrrl pronouns. i'm xicanx&white mixed. I grew up and live in the bay area. i've been vegan/plant-based for almost eight years. I became vegan out of the fight for animal liberation and have since learned so many more reasons to practice. I am plant based as a way to decolonize my diet. As a xicanx, part of reclaiming power over my body and my health is by rejecting the dairy and meat that colonizers put on my people. I also know that animal agriculture is a major culprit of deforestation and water consumption (we're still in drought!). I am always interested in bridging these different approaches that bring folks to plant-based living.


I’m Priscilla, but everyone calls me P. I’m a East Bay Xicana  and went vegan for the animals, pachamamá and my kundalini yoga practice. I believe in PoC vegan visibility and PoC owned vegan businesses. I run a vegan delivery service @ixmati.vegan based out Sacramento where I currently live. So excited to be part of the collective and bond with the dope ass people I’ve connected with. 

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Hasta Muerte

A POC worker-owned coffee shop & radical bookstore.2701 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland

They have been open six months and are already a beloved space for community members of all ages. Their coffee is bomb, they sell vegan donuts and conchas, make homemade smoothies, kombucha and overnight oats, and feature lots of local artivists. They even have a kids corner! I got two coffees, a vegan donut, and two de la rosas, plus hours of free wifi use, all for $6.50.
Bad news is they are in a gentrification situation! They built the cafe from the ground up last year: electrical wiring, counters, everything. Now the landlord is selling the building and their rent will likely skyrocket. The goal is to buy the building as a community land trust, so please spread the word and donate if you can. 

Find out more @hastamuertecoffee."  

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Hey VeggieMijx!
Ingrid and I recently met at Reem's California: a place to get traditional Arab street food made with California love! Reem's is located at 3301 E. 12th Street, Suite 133 in Oakland, part bakery part restaurant Reem's is an overall chill place to be and meet with friends or work on projects/homework. 

It is such an inviting space. The decor is beyond beautiful and pays homage to the immigrant experience. Reem Assil who grew up in a Palestinian-Syrian household, founded Reem's on the principles of community building, social justice and sustainability! 
Ingrid and I both had the Mana'eesh traditional flatbread (insert drool emoji), mine had avocado and Ingrid included tomatoes and mint on theirs.  
Reem's is very affordable: base price for the Mana'eesh is only $5 and you could add additional items for either $2 or $3 extra! 
I would definitely go back for some more of that bomb vegan flatbread and hospitality.

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