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"Everybody Eats" is a segment created by Alexis Montoya, Veggie Mijas' Organizer, Creative Food Blogger and Founder of The Bronx Vegan. This segment was created to highlight vegan options that are based in The Bronx (sometimes Ridgewood as well) at a reasonable budget. Alexis started this segment because she believed it was important to show plant-based options that were close and affordable in her community. Enjoy your journey through finding appetizing dishes, writing down the addresses, and go on an adventure! Don't want to go on the adventure alone? Contact us to find you a Veggie Mija in The Bronx or join Alexis on her next trip! 

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La Morada

308 Willis Ave, The Bronx, NY 10454

“It’s always a blessing when restaurants make space for plant-based folks on their menu, but @lamoradanyc pushes it further. One of the first messages you see walking into La Morada is “Refugees Welcome.” As you walk into the space, there’s more signage, art, and books that tells anyone who walks in that they are in a space that is community-oriented. As for the food, every bite was truly delicious.  I tried the Mole Blanco and Enfrijoladas with @istayblooming and we both loved it! At the end of the meal, I felt like my soul was nourished.  Thank you to La Morada for giving us space to unite in community. Please go support this beautiful restaurant located on 308 Willis Avenue.”

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Uptown Veg

Uptown Veg

“One of the first places that always popped up in my vegan food searches is Uptown Veg. I never got a chance to go until now and it’s honestly heaven sent. Beyond having tons delicious vegan Caribbean food to choose from in their buffet-style display, there’s vegan fried food, baked goods, and fresh juices all available in one spot. I got their mac and cheese (which is made with yuca and is SO YUMMY), rice and peas, curry soy chicken and drumsticks (these are both honestly the same thing, I just didn’t realize ) and collard greens. I love the way the curry vegan chicken tasted! The pricing for the buffet can get a little high if you’re getting a lot of food (like I did ) but it was so worth it + filling enough for me to have leftovers for dinner. Hands down my fav! Go check out @uptownvegharlem, which has been in business for over 20 years, over at 52 East 125th Street.”

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Breakfast Bagels

Cafe M

During the Summer, I passed by Cafe M on Seneca Ave a lot before it's opening. I was really excited because it seemed like it was panning out to be a cute little cafe which I'm always a fan of. When it opened, I was so happy to see that beyond just coffee (they say their cold brew is colder than your ex haha), they had a nice little menu of salads and bagel sandwiches at pretty affordable prices. For $4.50, I get a veggie bagel sandwich made with hummus, cucumber, tomato, avocado, and mixed greens served with a side of chips. Something tells me their stuff is super fresh because I'm never disappointed with this sandwich! It's filling and delicious! When I do get their coffee, it's always perfectly made. Check out Cafe M 709 Seneca Ave in Queens!

Rice, Beans & Yuca at La Casa del Sabor

La Casa del Sabor

Some days when I’m walking home late from work, the beautiful multicolored fluorescent glow of La Casa del Sabor lures me in! It’s not always possible for me to get home and cook a whole dinner, so it’s nice to stop in at this restaurant for one of my favorites, yuca with onions! For only 4 dollars, I get a whole serving of hot and delicious yuca that embodies the most comforting taste. This day, I decided to add some rice and beans for roughly 2 dollars extra. What I love most when walking in the restaurant is seeing the beautiful Puerto Rican and Dominican  flag proudly displayed! Beyond my fav meal, they have other Vegan & Vegetarian friendly meals like Sopa da Vegetales, Mofongo de Vegetales, and Vegetales Hervidos! Support this beautiful restaurant located in Westchester Square at 2728 E Tremont Ave.

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LoremAloo Saagwala, Fresh spinach, Basmati rice, Vegan Samosas & Roti at Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird

Nothing prepared me for the vegan glory that is Hungry Bird. I first found out about this Indian restaurant when searching for vegan food on ordering apps. What drew me to this spot was the option to veganize their menu items! It was the first time I ever seen that in a Bronx restaurant so it was necessary that I give this place a shot. I ordered Aloo Saagwala, made with potatoes, fresh spinach and spices served with a order of basmati rice for $9.99, vegan samosas for $4.99 and roti for $2.50. At first, I thought the portions of both the Aloo Saagwala and samosas were too small for the price, but after struggling to finish my meal at the end, I realized it was the perfect size. Everything was packed with flavor and a ton of love. What really made this meal complete was the beautiful and delicious array of tamarind, mint, and pickled onion sauces that came with it. On top of all of this, we were surrounded by beautiful decor and kind service. I definitely recommend checking out Hungry Bird at 980 Morris Ave.

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Falafel Salad at 777 Gourmet Deli

777 Gourmet Deli 

When all else fails, bodegas will always be there for you. On yet another late night walk home, I found myself drooling over fresh salads and tons of snacks in 777 Gourmet Deli. If you couldn’t tell by the bright beautiful display in front, this deli has a lot going on. What got me in was their seemingly endless salad toppings and organic products. Inside, you’re met with the familiar bodega scene accompanied by a big salad bar and a lot more vegan friendly snacks. The salad, drink, and snacks I bought all came out to just about $10. I packed my salad with falafel, onions, fresh chickpeas, and peppers for a fulfilling cheap meal. For late night bites, quick snacks, or any bodega needs, check out 777 Gourmet Deli located on 2708 East Tremont Avenue!

*    *    *

Fruit Smoothies & Salads at Williams Cafe

William Cafe

Let me just preface this with the fact that I LOVE BEETS! I haven’t had freshly squeezed beet juice in a minute so you can imagine my delight when I walked into William’s Cafe and found out they out here selling freshly squeezed juice for $5! Located right next to the Westchester Square train station, William’s Cafe is a convenient spot for that good fresh drink to start your day. I was able to choose three different fruits for my drink, so I settled on beets, apples, and carrots. While there, I also got a solid salad made for $7.25! The staff was very helpful in letting me know that they don’t use separate grills when cooking their veggies and meat, which was great to be aware of. Nonetheless, I recommend giving William’s Cafe a try for some solid BEET JUICE YEEES (or other fruits) and a fulfilling create-your-own salad over on 122 Westchester Square.

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Vegan Colombian Food at La Masa

La Masa

One place that people keep telling me to visit is La Masa. This beautiful bright restaurant in the Bronx is serving up authentic Colombian meals with alternatives for vegans to enjoy. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted in Spanish and with love by their helpful and friendly staff. I decided to try Vegan Patacones served with rice and beans for about $11. I realized that I never had Colombian food before but this was a delicious introduction. Served on a huge toston, this dish came with beans, leafy greens, and a delicious vegan cheese mixture all piled on top. I recommend giving a try! I know I definitely wanna come back during their Happy Hour. Visit them at 1000 Morris Park Avenue.

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West Indian Roti Dish at Jenny's Roti Shop

Jenny’s Roti Shop

I have to be honest, I actually cried after eating this meal from Jenny’s Roti Shop. Literal happy tears because it was BEYOND GOOD. I used to go to this spot before going vegan for their delicious roti dishes. I’m so happy I still can! This West Indian roti dish came with chickpea, pumpkin and potato curry had a great conversation with the person serving me who assured that I was getting a 100% vegan meal. They even made it EXTRA spicy for me because I love picante! I got this huge serving for only about $8! I highly recommend giving Jenny’s Roti Shop your time of day, located on 1262 Castle Hill Avenue.

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Plant-Based Burgers at White Castle

White Castle

One of my biggest critiques of Impossible Burger was how expensive and inaccessible it was. BUT LO AND BEHOLD WHITE CASTLE ALL OUT HERE WITH THESE IMPOSSIBLE SLIDERS!!!! For $2 per slider, you get a solid vegan burger that is SO GOOD  just skip on the cheese and you’re set! It’s a little bigger than a regular slider so I feel the $2 price is completely justified. I never thought I’d head back to White Castle ever again, but it’s going to be hard to stay away after tonight. Thank you to Impossible Food and White Castle for bringing accessible & inexpensive vegan meals to the hood. I am seriously so impressed! Check the Impossible Foods website to see if this is available in a White Castle near you.

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Falafel Sandwich Hero Ras Fresh Gourmet Deli

Ras Fresh Gourmet Deli

Falafel is amazing. It’s always there for me, it never wrongs me. I love that for the most part, I can walk into a bodega and find that beautiful falafel meal waiting for me. Which is what happened at Ras Fresh Gourmet Deli at Westchester Square. I got a big falafel sandwich on a hero with lettuce, tomato, and mustard for $6. I never thought to pair falafel and mustard BUT IT WAS SLAMMIN OKAY! Go get that sandwich and all your bodega essentials over at 15 Westchester Square.

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Tex-Mex Food at Top Tortilla

Top Tortilla

Once upon a time, before going vegan, I would go to Top Tortilla for their spinach enchiladas. This was a favorite because this meal came with two spinach packed enchiladas with rice, black beans, guacamole and fresh tomato! I decided to go back and get the same meal minus the cheese and it was still SO GOOD! I got all of this for only $7.50. They also have a number of fresh veggie options that can definitely be veganized! Give Top Tortilla a try at 3038 Buhre Avenue. 

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Vegan Chopped Cheese at Tasty Pickings

Tasty Pickings

Best.Everybody Eats. Yet. Because I got to try: VEGAN CHOPPED CHEESE! in the Bronx! with the duo behind @casa_de_carino + their kids. I met @meeturzoloft + her kid at a Veggie Mijas potluck, where we made plans to link up for future Everybody Eats exploring! So glad that we could. I found out about this beautiful veganized sandwich after scrolling through Twitter and seeing that a couple people recommended Tasty Picks. I was a little skeptical at first, but it was AMAZING! For only $8.49, I got this huge iconic sandwich that we all loved. I’m definitely going to be visiting Tasty Picks again soon to try more of the items on their vegan menu! It’s only been a month since they introduced a vegan menu so definitely go show them support and love over at 89 E. Gun Hill Road. 

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Vegan Pho at Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều

Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều

There's something so incredibly comforting about pho. Having only a few opportunities to try it in life, I found myself captivated by the delicious aroma, complex flavors, and bountiful bowls. Truthfully, I don't often eat soup, especially not during the Summer but after finding out there was a Vietnamese restaurant called Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều right in the Bronx that served vegan pho, I had to go try. During my visit, I got a huge bowl of vegan pho made with mushroom broth and a delicious vegan bahn mi sandwich for $17. The pho was filled with all kinds of veggies and a generous helping of noodles with a fresh serving of bean sprouts and basil on the side. The bahn mi was crunchy, fresh, and delicious! There was a beautiful vibe to the restaurant, with helpful and friendly service + peaceful atmosphere. This is the kind of meal that is comforting for the body and soul. Go treat yourself to Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều over at 2641 Jerome Ave!

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