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Veggie Mijas is a women of color / non-binary folks of color / femmes of color collective, in which we highlight the importance of having a plant-based lifestyle while also intersecting race, gender identity, class, and sexuality; being brown, Latinx, non-binary, women, queer, genderqueer, coming from a working class background, and having other marginalized identities. We are very passionate about spreading awareness of the lack of resources we have to healthier options in the hood, animal liberation, environmental justice. This is a platform where womxn/folks have shared their families recipes, their own recipes, and have talked about why being vegan has connected them to their ancestral roots.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create sacred spaces for folks where they can share their experiences with food or having a plant-based diet through a intersectional lens. Veggie Mijas has a national collective list where folks can share their information, know about events happening in their city, and meet other vegan folks of color in their community. Therefore, our main focus is sharing space, relearning ancestral practices through foods, share our plant-based recipes, and provide access to information our community needs. This is done through organizing events such as potlucks, vegan panels, farm sanctuary trips, yoga sessions, learning how to plant herbs, and much more. Lastly, our goal is to show folks that decolonizing your diet is possible. Cocinando Pa ' La (R)evolución. 

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