By Alejandra Tolley

As we head into the end of Black History Month, we want to amplify and share some of our favorite Black vegan foodie accounts to follow! From visually pleasing yogurt bowls to grocery hauls, and tasty sweets - these incredible vegans show us how easy, affordable, and approachable veganism can be! Make sure to support, follow, engage, share all of the amazing dishes you see in these pages, and remember to celebrate Black vegans today, tomorrow, and always.

1. Brianna - @vegbybri

Not only does Brianna show us how to eat vegan as a college student, her page is filled with colorful nutritious bowls. From wellness bowls to taco salads, she shows us how to cook up a delicious plant based meal by enlivening our everyday vegetables. Follow her page if you’re in the search for healthy hearty vegan meals!

2. Bre’Shae - @cravingchickpeas

This page transforms our favorite comfort meals into vegan masterpieces! Po’boys, chicken biscuit sandwiches, pizza - you name it and Bre’Shae has probably made a better, vegan alternative to it. Along cooking up amazing dishes, she has a groceries reel on her page to show us hidden vegan gems.

3. Nygia - @mamaluvsherveggies

Nygia’s page is filled with earthy hues of her mesmerizing vegan dishes including: cheeseburger macaroni, oyster mushrooms, and calzones! She has several reels on her page showing us step-by-step how to make her flavorsome meals. This page will show you how to expand your kitchen skills and renew your love for cooking.

4. Ayanna - @ayannadotcom

Simplicity has never looked so tasty. This page is filled with vibrant fruits and vegetables that create simple delicious vegan meals. Veganism is often looked at as a very expensive way of eating, but Ayanna challenges that idea by reinventing our everyday flavors to make a healthy, colorful, decadent dish.

5. Jodie - @plantbased_butterfly

You’ll find an abundance of joy and radiance in this vegan foodie’s page. Jodie cooks up easy and tasty vegan meals while also showing off her baking skills with beautiful cakes and delicious cupcakes. Her spontaneous dancing and daily optimistic reminders are contagious and will bring a light to your feed!

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