Women's History Month: 

15 Resilient Activists We Love

By Alejandra Tolley

This Women’s History Month, we're amplifying these extraordinary activists revolutionizing our food systems, challenging the modern approach on sustainability, environmentalism, and veganism, and creating a more inclusive community in our outdoor spaces.

1. Alexis Nikole - Environmental Educator/Content Creator - @Blackforager

This environmental science enthusiast reminds us of the sacredness foraging has within Black and Brown communities by sharing her profound knowledge in every way she can. She is at the forefront of revolutionizing our food system by calling out the foraging laws made to prevent Black and Brown people from gathering free food. She teaches us how to make pine tree cookies and juneberry pies and also gives us entertaining pantry and jar tours consisting of a personal favorite, mugwort green tea. (Please see the benefits this can provide!) Follow her page to see more of her innovative recipes and to see if an icicle from a maple tree actually tastes like maple syrup!

2. Julieta Muñoz - Urban Farmer & Founder of @_growingroots

With a B.S. degree in plant science and minor in soil science from Cal Poly University, Pomona, this urban farmer started a community garden in Pomona that provides a space to learn how to compost, practice sustainability, and provide fresh and affordable produce to her city. Growing Roots uses the strength of community and collective care to fight for food justice in their own backyard. Growing root’s page is filled with amazing volunteers and sprouted joy! 

3. Jolie Varela - Founder of @indigenouswomenhike

After spending 3 months in North Dakota protecting water among the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Jolie came back to her home in Payahuunadü and restored her connection with her ancestral lands. Along with running The Outdoor Gear Library, she’s created a community where indigenous women can find healing through renewing their relationship with their land. Jolie reiterates that we must recreate responsibly and to not only acknowledge the land that we hike on, but to learn the history of its native people and to pay it with respect and love. Follow her page to see how you can support her in her community organizing. 

4. Eloísa Trinidad - Organizer of

@overthrowcommunityfridge & 

Co-Founder of @veganactivistalliance

As we continue to slowly plow through this pandemic, we’ve seen food banks, food pantries, and community fridges start to burgeon through cities but Eloísa organized the first plant based community fridge in NYC! Hosted by Overthrow Boxing Gym, this fridge provides fresh and free produce, dried goods, and ready to go vegan meals. With the help of multiple vegan orgs such as Chili’s on WheelsVegan Activist AllianceArtist Athletes Activists, and Hip Hop is green plus incredible volunteers, Eloísa is creating a better fed world by providing resources and aid to her community when it’s needed most. Follow their page to keep seeing their powerful community work.

5. Deepsri - Animal and Climate Activist - @_boldy.beautiful

Along with being the founder of @guardians_of_gaia_, a vegan movement calling out the issues involving animal agriculture, this valiant 16 year old climate activist started a “School Strike for Climate'' where she has stood 150+ hours under blistering weather conditions, in front of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) demanding urgent policy on climate change, the abolishment of animal agriculture, and bringing awareness to her schoolmates on the global climate crisis. Deepsri has only grown more fearless in fighting for change and will continue to march, strike, and organize for future generations to come. 

6. Cheyenne Sundance - Founder of @Sundanceharvest

Cheyenne, a self taught urban farmer, runs Sundance Harvest! A farm with its main focus on food justice, sustainability practice, and dismantling systemic racism in our food systems. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Sundance Harvest runs a free urban mentorship program that prioritizes BIPOC, LGBTQ2S, and youth with disabilities on farming education. Among the joy and earth vibrancy that you will find in this page, Cheyenne provides education and tips on soil health, root propagation, and more!

7. Topaz Hooper - Vegan Nutritionist - @afrofeministvegan1

Topaz’s page is filled with amazing tips and guides on how to transition to veganism in the easiest way possible. She has several reels showing what she eats in day, plant-based cooking videos, and provides healthy eating tips. As a plant-based coach, she focuses her services on helping BIPOC women adopt a vegan lifestyle by creating unique meal plans and providing endless motivation to conquer their vegan journey. Give this page a follow if you need a boost of vegan inspo and check out her shop here!

8. Bamby Salcedo - Founder of @TransLatinaCoalition

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Bamby started a powerful movement for Trans rights in Los Angeles. She founded Trans Latina Coalition, an organization focusing on fighting for systemic change for the Trans community to thrive. They’ve partnered up with multiple orgs providing aid for those at the border, seeking better mental health resources, and securing housing for trans folks. Bamby continues to cross boundaries in her community leading her to win several awards including The Women in Leadership Award by the City of West Hollywood. Follow her page to continue seeing Bamby’s dedication to her community. 

9.  Yvette - Writer and Vegan Activist -@vegan_abolitionniste

Brilliant writer and activist Yvette is encouraging us to question the social, political, and economic structure of society. With several educational graphics on her page, she justifies the need for radical change in the animal right’s movement by providing vital information on how to move forward from the mainstream vegan narrative. As an Afro-indigenous vegan, she continues to remind us how important it is to strive for consistent anti-oppression and total liberation. Follow along to keep learning, and see her cute pets and tasty vegan dishes too! 

10. Melissa Martinez - Owner of @Vegancita

With a continuing rise of vegan food spots in the Inland Empire, Melissa is the owner and founder of Vegancitas, a vegan panaderia that provides custom cakes and pastries in Riverside, CA. Melissa used plant-based cooking and baking as a way to heal and now shares her colorful creations with everyone in Southern California. For Latinxs in the LA/OC area, Vegancitas renewed our love for traditional pan dulce and are grateful that it maintains and keeps our traditions alive. Give this page a follow to keep seeing more of Melissa’s decadent vegan sweets. 

11. Gigi - Indigenous Environmentalist - @Gentedelmaiz 

This Oaxaqueña environmentalist teaches us the intersections of environmentalism and race. Centering BIPOC voices in the climate movement, Gigi provides several infographics entailing how to be low waste, adopt better sustainable practices, and making sure to amplify BIPOC environmentalist voices. With mental-wellness ingrained into her work, this page will encourage all of us to anchor onto a holistic approach when trying to be a better ally to our earth. 

12. Reign Hervey - Vegan Educator - @Afroliberatedtaste 

With 10 years of grassroots activism experience along with an M.A. focusing in Black feminist thought, race, cultural studies, and critical media - Reign criticizes the unsettled mainstream vegan movement from a Black feminist perspective. She influences us to learn about decolonization, food policing, white supremacy in mainstream veganism, and cultural appropriation within the animal right’s movement. Reign’s approach to healing has helped her attain her work as an educator and offers multiple tarot and oracle readings - you can learn more about her services here.

13. Lily - Sustainable Fashion Activist - @Imperfectlyidealistic 

Many of us are often too intimidated or confused as to where to start when beginning to boycott fast fashion, but Lily has created a beautiful page and website guiding sustainable novices. Adhering away from the mainstream approach to support ethical brands, Lily’s transparency in what she buys helps us understand how we can control our own spending and materialistic needs. Her blog is filled with resources and education on making sure we make the most informed decision when buying a product and where to buy from. Being an advocate for a greener future is one of her accolades - she’s also a marathoner, lifestyle blogger, and avid traveler! (pre-covid of course) 

14. Alexandra - Founder of @Lasjefasveganas 

This vegan activist is making sure that everyone is able to enjoy delicious vegan food by partnering up with local plant based vendors to organize food drives on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Volunteers are able to donate funds, pack bags filled with essentials, and help pass out items and meals to the community. The efforts curated by this powerful group benefit BIPOC communities, local animal shelters, and spread the altruistic message of veganism. Most recently, Las Jefas Veganas organized a food drive supporting small vegan businesses that fed homeless veterans and the Downey Animal Shelter. Keep up to date with their events here!

15. Ashley Marie Garcia - Founder & CEO of @brown.girls.travels

Ashley is building a community and movement like no other. What started as a zine just for her niece, Mia - she created Brown Girls Travels; a publication company that centers BIPOC women in documenting their journeys of traveling, life, and healing. Recently, she published her first magazine honoring her late beautiful mother, and is continuing to work on exciting projects. This company aims to inspire women to share their stories for the next generation of travelers. Follow her page to keep up with her journey! 

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